Salient Features

    • Accurate, fast & simple to distribute uniform concrete at desired level.
    • Advance energy efficient electric drive system with step-less speed controls.
    • In-Built safety feature.
    • Equipped with the receiving hopper to feed concrete directly from concrete mixer/TM.
    • Hi-tech, user friendly electric controls for belt drive & diverter car plough movements. Diverter car plough divert the concrete uniformly between the slabs to be paved.
    • Low initial investment in generator set & low operation / running cost. Hence better pay-back on investment.
    • Easy on-site maintenance. No hassle of routine problems like leakage & busting of hydraulic pipes, frequent changing of oil and filters. Hence minimum spares inventory cost.
    • Adaptability for up gradation to suit to different application.
    • Optimum use of power for improved overall efficiency of the machine.
No.DescriptionSDC 60SDC 60 HD
1Interchangeable pin connected frame assembly in various sections.YY (HD)
2Drive end section with belt drive pulley with geared motor & diverter car motor assembly.YY
3Idler end section assembly with tail pulley.YY
4Diverter car assembly with counter weight.YY
5Discharge chute assembly.YY
6Receiving hopper assembly.YY
7Electric driven drive bogies.YY
8Electrical panel board with cables.YY
9Remote attachment with swivelling assembly.YY
10Feeder support assembly.YY
11Roller chain assembly as per machine length.YY
12Plain Conveyor belt assembly as per machine.YY