Data Fact

Long-Wear-Life-RMCSafety Device
Safety device ensure that even in a complete breakdown of the drive unit the cage will not fall down. A mechanical, Spring-loaded safety brake ia a standard features in all KYB CONMAT elevator models. It improves the safety and reliability of the elevator in everyday use. The safety brake is well protected from dirt and dust and is practically maintenance-free.
Smooth Operation
VFD drive provides smooth starting and stopping with a low starting current and less wear and tear.
Next Landing System
Easy to use stop-next landing control system, based on proven KYB CONMAT technology.
One section of Mast is 1.5 m tall. The mast is anchored to the wall with a maximum interval of 6 mtrs.
HMI-PLC Control Panel (On Request)
A large touch screen interface provides real-time information, detailed fault tracking and step-by-step operating instructions centralized monitoring system for multiple elevators.
Car Overload Protection Device
The car overload protection device prevents overload of cage beyond its rated load capacity.
Sturdy Cage
High quality steel for increased strength and weight reduction. Cage walls and door cladding of perforated steel sheets.
Chevron-Belt-Conveyor-RMCSimple Operating Panel
Simple user-friendly interface, fault indication for ease of use.
Chevron-Belt-Conveyor-RMCFloor Selection System (On Request)
Encoder based floor selection system eliminates the need of limit and cam type arrangement enabling cage to stop at any numbers of floors as per requirement.
Slow Down Limit Switch
It reduces speed of elevator while it reaches to the ground level and ensures smooth top operation of elevator
No.DetailsRPCE 10RPCE 15RPCE 20
1Elevator TypeMan & MaterialMan & MaterialMan & Material
2Max. Payload Capacity (KG)100015002000
3Cage Size (L x B x H) (Mtr.)2 x 1.4 x 2.12.5 x 1.4 x 2.13.2 x 1.4 x 2.1
4Maximum Height (Mtr.)*120120150
5MastSq. Type, 60-450 x 450 x 1508Sq. Type, 60-450 x 450 x 1508Sq. Type, 76-650 x 650 x 1508
6Drive MechanismRack & Pinion Type
Rack & Pinion TypeRack & Pinion Type
7Speed (m / min.)*32 | 5432 | 5440 | 54
8Gear Box & Motor4 KW x 2 Nos. | 7.5 KW x 2 Nos.7.5 KW x 2 Nos. | 9.2 KW x 2 Nos.9.2 KW x 2 Nos. | 11 KW x 2 Nos.
9Wall Tie Interval (Mtr.)666