Salient Features

    • Very low power consumption with higher output, hence faster payback
    • Remote operator controls for better monitoring while paving
    • User-Friendly, Fast & Accurate controls
    • Advanced energy efficient electric Drive System with step less speed control
    • Ideal for Distributary/Minor Canal
1Prime Mover
aDrive End Panel5 HP Geared Motor
bVibratory Cylinder - 2nos5 HP Geared Motor
cBogie RH & LH1 HP + 1 HP Geared Motor
dVibratory Cylinder - 2nos1 HP Electric Motor
2Traction System
aTraction DriveTwo Electrically Driven Double Flanged Bogie Wheels
bTraction Speed0 - 22 mpm
3Vibratory Cylinder Under Carriage - 2nos
aFinished Cylinder 270 mm dia., 1.2 mtr. long precisely balanced
bExtra long Screw Auguer (RH & LH) with hardened flights
cFinishing Tolerance: +- 3 mm in 12 ft.
4Machine Controls
aAdjustable Carriage Movement with Variable Speed Drive
bShock Protection
cOverload Protection
aFrame: All welded, pin connected main frame. Available in length of 2.40 mtr., 1.2 mtr., 0.6 mtr., which are infinitely adjustable up to 46 ft. (CE 200)
bFULL SECTION PAVING: CE 200FS - Min. 730mm ROC with parabolic shape Other: Max. Bed Width: 3.0 mtr. Consult factory for customized full section paving
aLongitudinal & Transverse Groove Marker attachment
bLongitudinal & Transverse PVC Water Stop Inserter attachment
cCustomized Slope wedge as per slope inclination

NOTE: The technical specification of the product may vary depending on the model and are subject to change without prior notice