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  • Construction Equipments
  • Storage & Material Handling System
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Conmat Oil & Gas P. Ltd.
Hot Tapping & Line Plugging
In Service Welding
Consultancy Service
Repair & Refurbishment of Dry Gas Seals
Valve Repair Service
Field Machining Service
NDE/NDT Inspection Service
Tank Management Program

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Product Range
Tank Management Program
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  • Hydrocarbon Recovery Solution
  • Sludge Processing
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Product change
  • Periodical cleaning
  • API 653 internal inspections
  • Repairs or modifications
  • Decommissioning or Demolition
Fine Cleaning
The Clean out openings would be opened and the tank interior is washed with thoroughly using high pressure jetting or proprietary surfactant mixtures under moderate pressure. The process leaves tanks clean, gas-free andready for inspection or hot work permitting.
Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Tank Inspection
It is advanced magnetic method of NDT used for tank inspection. At areas where there is corrosion or missing metal,the magnetic field "leaks" from the steel.
In an MFL tool, a magnetic detector is placed between the poles of the magnet to detect the leakage field. Analysts interpret the chart recording of the leakage field to identify damaged areas and to estimate the depth of metal loss.
We employ both MFL 2000 and Floormap VS2i scanners to inspect tanks.
The salient features are
  • Automatic CAD Drawing
  • Patch Plate Design Feature
  • Ruggedized Touch Screen Computer
  • Real Time Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Hard Copy and Electronic Report Functions
  • Combined Defect Profiling and Amplitude Analysis
  • Add Data from Visual, UT, Vac Box and MPI Inspection
Handscan System
The Handscan system is designed to compliment the MFL 2000 and FloormapVS2i floor scanners. The latest generation of permanent magnets allows localized magnetic saturation of the floor area under test. As the scanner is moved across the test area signals from the corrosion are detailed by the hall effect sensors.
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