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Field Machining Service
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KYB-Conmat’s onsite and in-place Field Machining Services (FMS) can help you lower costs, protect assets and provide a leak-free operation. Quick set-up and operation of company’s field machining equipment by experienced KYB-Conmat technicians eliminates costly downtime for removal off site.
Our comprehensive, proven Field Machining Services (FMS) allow you to modify and repair your piping, fitting, equipment, hardware or machinery onsite and in-place.
Advantages of KYB-Conmat's Onsite FMS
  • Precision repairs can be made onsite and in-place
  • Minimum dismantling required
    • Downtime minimized
    • Lost production minimized
    • Helps accelerate turnarounds
  • Compact tools are applicable in tight, cramped locations
  • Multiple tools, sizes can be utilized on separate jobs simultaneously
  • Onsite repairs completed quick and economic than offsite repairs
  • Productivity is increased
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Applicable for any manufactured hardware alignment, secure installation
  • Field machines are powered for fast, efficient cutting, beveling and lathing
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