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Valve Repair Service
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Maintaining valves in optimum working condition delivers direct benefits to your organization. Team provides full inline, onsite and shop valve repair services and maintenance programs for virtually all valve types, brands, sizes, materials, pressures and operating conditions, including actuators and operators
We can meet the following valve repair needs
  • In-service valve testing
  • Routine repairs during outages / turnarounds
  • Onsite valve repair and testing
  • Shop repair and testing
  • Valve Asset Management Program
  • Full-Service Industrial Engineering Services
We Meet Any Challenge
At KYB-Conmat, you can expect to partner with a company that has highly trained technical experts capable of providing quality solutions for any unique, challenging application. Our technicians utilize OEM parts and industry standards along with superior craftsmanship to rebuild valves that meet the most rigorous industry criteria. This commitment to excellence provides you with a cost-effective means of keeping maintenance and repair costs down and turnaround time short.
Online Safety Valve Testing
Our PC based Safety Valve testing equipment "LEGATEST" is designed to test Relief Valves online.
The salient features are
  • On line Testing of Safety & Relief Valves during Plant Operation
  • Testing at any location, even in explosion-safe areas
  • Highest accuracy through digital technology
  • Reducing down time
  • Avoiding emergency shutdown, solely for mandatory testing
We Provide Quality Assurance
All our operations are conducted under our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program. All our technicians are trained to employ the latest safety practices and standards. Technicians are only certified after years of experience and upon completion of one of the industries' most stringent training programs.
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